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BongaCams offers a whitelabel for webmasters. A whitelabel is when a webmaster rebrands a website as their own. BongaCams handles all the technical aspects of the site, and the webmaster simply has to focus on bongacams token hack generator driving traffic to the whitelabeled version of the bongacams hack token android site. Webmasters earn a revshare of any token purchases that occur on http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=bongacams the whitelabeled version of the site. Whitelabels are great because there is no real overhead or cost to implement. Simply point your domain name to BongaCams and your customized version will appear on that domain.

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I have always appreciated websites that tell you right off the bat how much the video chatting will cost you. BongaCams goes even further by supplying a detailed and accurate price list that any user can simply go through. It's no wonders though, because this site has nothing to be embarrassed of. Prices are more than reasonable and users will get an awful lot of chatting done for the cost of a single cocktail in an LA bar. I especially like the fact that chat minute is fixed, not a range, so you don't have to always question models about how much they charge or wonder if you remembered to check the pricing before you invited her to private.

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Bongacams is. The banner on their site is a Bongacams banner. Bongacams is sponsoring this person, paying him to drive traffic to their site. So this piece of shit is receiving money from Bongacams to doxx girls and steal their videos. If Bongacams wasn't paying this site money, he wouldnt be able to run his site. You might think "well, if Bongacams doesn't pay him someone else will" but no serious sponsor would ever sponsor a site like this. Serious sponsors don't pay companies who engage in illegal activities.bongacam,bongacams

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