Baltimore Inner Harbor: My 6 Favorite Attractions

Are you coming to Baltimore sometime soon and your looking for fun things to do!?!?!?! Well you came to the right place! Imagine if you and your friends had your own tour guide and personal paparazzi to show you all the cool places around the city? I'm Devin Trent founder of Photo Tourz and in this video i'm going to show you my 6 favorite attractions around the Baltimore Inner Harbor … Stay tuned! Intro Bumper From historic ships to the Chesapeake bay, Baltimore has been a major U.S. seaport since the 18th century and located in the heart of downtown, the Baltimore Inner Harbor has a lot to offer. In this video i'm gonna show you my 6 favorite attractions around the Baltimore Inner Harbor. First on the list is The World Trade Center! Rising 400 and 5 ft above the inner harbor, the World trade center has thee best view of Baltimore city hands down! Located on the 27th floor, resides what is know as, “The Top of the World”! admission is only $6 dollars and the view is well worth it! Second up is the Water Taxi For $14 dollars you can get an all day pass to ride the water taxi to each of it's 13 landings.

$14 isn't bad but, their are also 3 free water taxis and I know exactly where they are. Out of all of the Photo Tourz I offer, this is by far my favorite one! Third on the list is Fells Point Fell's Point is one of several areas around Baltimore that are listed on the National Register of Historic Districts. Established in 1763 this waterfront community is rich with culture and history. Full of local shops, coffee bars, restaurants, and outdoor vendors theirs is plenty to see and do in Fells Point. Fourth on the list is Tide Point Located right across the harbor from the Fells Point pier lies Tide point! International Headquarters of The Under Armour Corporation and The Domino's Sugar Factory.

In time past, these buildings were home to the top soap factories (Dawn, Joy, Cascade, Ivory, and Tide), even though this space is now owned by Under Armour, the designers decided to keep the old soap signs as memorabilia. Fifth on the list is Federal Hill From pirate ships to British invasion, Federal Hill has been used as a fort to defend the city throughout history. Standing at the top of the hill,Overlooking the inner harbor, You have another beautiful view of the Baltimore City space including The World Trade Center and Baltimore Aquarium. Last but not least is The Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower Inspired by the Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence Italy; The Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower was built in 1911 and stood as the tallest building in Baltimore until 1923.

For just $5 bucks you can take a guided tower around the clock tower and learn about it's extensive history. Unfortunately the tours are only giving on Saturday mornings So there you have it! Next time your here looking for fun things to do, lets take a photo tour! I'll come pick you up or you can meet me on location to maximize our 2 hours together. We'll explore as much of the city as possible taking candid and posed photos along the way.

This original blend of photos and touring the city will be an experience you're sure to never forget and the memories we make will last a lifetime with the help of 2 complimentary prints right on the spot If you like this video, give it a thumbs up! If you really like this video make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss out on the next one! If your looking for more things to see and do around the city, besides the usual tourist traps make sure you grab a copy of my Custom Google Map where I reveal some of my favorite gems hidden throughout the city and their exact locations so you can visit them with your friends even if we're unable to take a tour together.

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